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Quality Air Duct Cleanning


Your HVAC is supposed to undergo preventive maintenance so that your air duct system can last longer especially if you frequently use your Furnace. To get preventive maintenance is essential in order to avoid operation delays that can also affect the productions and efficiency of your home´s equipment.

Germicidal UV Lamp install


Germicidal UV Lamp is a special and unique type of lamp that can produce UV or ultra violet light. It can produce ultra violet lights with short wave that can detect DNA of bacteria (mold, house mold , mildew etc). It can kill bacteria in the infected surfaces or part. People use Germicidal UV Lamps in order to sterilize certain parts. It is usually a tool used in medical facilities and laboratories. The light produced by Germicidal UV Lamps can also erase EPROM. It can also kill bacteria and harmful microorganisms in the water.Each UV lamp from Quality Air comes with a lifetime warranty and annual HVAC checkup.

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Air Duct Cleaning services


To reside at Dallas, Fort Worth and Irving is indeed a smart choice for these places are where you can be sure that your family will have a happy way of living. It is good to live in Dallas, Fort Worth or Irving. However, to own a property in Dallas or Irving would relatively require you to get regular home inspections so that you will know if you need to get air duct cleaning and other services in order to maintain the efficiency and safety of your property. One effective way to maintain good air duct system and ventilations system of your property is to get air duct cleaning Dallas and Forth Worth metroplex.

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HVAC Repair & Installation


It is essential that you maintain efficiency of air duct system and ventilation system so that you can ensure the safety of your family. If you need to get air duct cleaning then it is essential that you consider some factors in order to acquire the best air duct results. Cleanliness of your hvac and your air duct system is very important. However, if you notice that your air duct system has serious problem then it is preferable if you will get restorations services. Your air duct system important equipment that connects with your ventilation system. So, it is important that you get air duct cleaning or restoration services when you notice that there is a problem to your air duct.

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Warranty & Services


Quality Air´s Deep cleaning services come with a two year warranty for any concerns for returning bacteria or buildup dust.
Moving?? congratulations!! Quality Air will help you remove your Germicidal UV Lamp from your furnace and install it for you in your new home!
Not enough? Our UV Lamp´s lifetime warranty also includes free UV bulbs for life. During the annual HVAC checkup our technicians will detect flawed or drained UV Lamp bulbs and replace it for you with no charge!

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Dryer Vent Cleaning 


Usually, one common problem of dryer vent owners is that they do not know how to determine when to get dryer vent cleaning. In order to avoid occurrence of serious dryer vent problems, it is important that you get dryer vent cleaning service regularly. You can avoid the occurrence of serious dryer vent problems if you know how to check the efficiency and performance of your dryer vent system. To know all the early signs of dryer vent problems is easy. Read our Frequently Asked Questions page for full info about when and why you should clean your dryer vent with Quality Air.

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Handyman Services


Let us also help you with your handy man needs! Our professional handymen are skilled for many different home maintenance service including:
ELECTRICAL from ceiling fans to outlets installation and rewiring , switches , GFI boxes and many more..
PLUMBING bathroom sinks, tubs. toilets drain cleaning & repair. water leaks and more.
CARPENTRY from drywall to framing, tiles, windows. doors. fences and much more. Call us to find out more.

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